We only use natural fibers, which means that our products don’t have all those gnarly chemicals that make them loosey-goosey after washing. Find care instructions and FAQs below.

Napkins, Good Towels + Towels Care: 

  • Before washing, uncrumple the product, make sure it’s not all balled up.

  • Machine wash with everything else you wash - these babies don’t need a special load! We always suggest using phosphate-free detergents and cool settings because it's better for the enviornemnt. 

  • Like softer fabric? Try an eco-friendly fabric softener, like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Fabric Softener.

  • Tumble dry normally and fold immediately after, flattening while you fold.

  • If you are that kind of person - and we are not judging - iron the products. Or use slightly wrinkly products while basking in the satisfaction that you are doing the right thing for the earth.


General FAQs:

Fabric dyeing is bad for the environment, how are you dyeing your fabric?

We partner with manufacturers who print our designs directly onto fabrics, which reduces water usage and chemical runoff and ensure that the fabric will hold up after many washes.

In addition to that, our fabric + dyes are GOTS and BLUESTRIPE certified.


Do you expect people to replace all of their single-use paper products?

No. We know that there are some things that just need to be thrown away immediately (use your imagination). We even have a roll of paper towels in our own kitchen - but because we have the alternative at hand, one paper towel roll lasts us months — and we have pets and a child who create horrific messes daily.


How long does shipping take?

We ship domestically via USPS Express - which is about 4-5 days. Tack on another 1-2 days for processing and packing. We are a small business and we can’t wait to get you your order. Please keep in mind that Amazon has ruined shipping expectations for everyone, and they only ship things quickly because they abuse their workforce :)


What is your refund + return policy?

Refund requests must be made within 14 days after receipt of your goods. We accept refund requests for the following reasons:

  • the product is broken

  • the product does not match the description

  • the product does not meet the purchaser's expectations.

Returns can be made by mail. To initiate a return or refund email hello@rosemarys.co with the reason for return and we’ll be in touch with next steps.