How to Use + Store Reusable Paper Towels

How to Use + Store Reusable Paper Towels

Save the earth and clean your messes with Good Towels

Replacing paper towels with a reusable alternative is super easy in theory, then the cat pukes all over your couch and you don’t want to have any keepsakes from that experience - even if they’ve been washed thoroughly. This post shares my top tips for making the transition to an earth-friendly towel as painless as possible. 

1. Don’t completely ditch the paper towels

Yep, for real. You are going to need to use paper towels occasionally. Come and get me tree-huggers, burn me at the stake. Here is the deal though, there are some messes that you really don’t want to wash out of a fabric towel. I’m not going to detail any of them here, you can use your imagination. I keep a roll of paper towels in my house, in a cabinet with all my other cleaning supplies, and each roll lasts a month or two. I only use them for extreme needs, but having them gives me a little relief, I am prepped for the gross - and I don’t need to overly rely on them either. 

2. Store Good Towels near the messes!

This may be an obvious one but, you want your reusable towels to be near all the messes so they are easy to grab when you need them. I store mine in a drawer in my kitchen, the messiest room in my house. I grab them for spills, use them as a towel while cooking, and use them for the times my kid is squeezing all of the juice out of a strawberry while somehow still eating it. You know, normal messy stuff. Some people prefer to keep their paper towels on a countertop, that is great. Prefer to roll-up your towels like a the standard paper ones? Here is how to do it: 



  1. Flatten out your towels, don’t even bother folding after the laundry, just lay them flat.
  2. Reuse an old paper towel roll or a gift wrap tube that has been cut down.
  3. Roll each towel individually onto the roll.
  4. You’re done! They each roll off nicely. Now you can clean up all the messes in your life. You’re welcome

 More of a visual person? Check out this video. 

3. Retire your tired Good Towels to the seriously dirty jobs

If you know, you know, Good Towels last a LONG TIME. A customer once asked me how long and I just said “um, forever, I think?” - and yeah, they do, but if you abuse them, they will get a bit scraggly. When this happens, they become perfect general cleaning towels. I love using Good Towels to clean all the surfaces, dust and even clean a toilet or two. 

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